Helping products to market

Each regional base specialises in the crops, weeds and diseases prevalent in the geographical area. This expertise ensures a pool of local knowledge, invaluable for really effective trials and the production of meaningful results.

Efficacy Trials

With local knowledge, products can be tested extensively in a wide range of environmental conditions. OAT has had full ORETO certification since 2000 and uses EPPO guidelines to ensure project continuity and acceptance of results. Click for further information.

Residue Trials

OAT offers specialist expertise in GLP residue trials, soil dissipation/accumulation studies and operator exposure studies.
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Demonstration Trials

Large or small sites located anywhere in the UK to demonstrate the effectiveness of new agrochemicals compounds and mixtures. Click for further information.

Glasshouse Trials

Three fully equipped glasshouses are used for protected crop trials on insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Polythene tunnels are used for larger-scale projects. Click for further information.


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